Teacher Training


  • Exclusive Program from NoMad Om Factory
  • Combining Pilates and Ballet – two very “hot” subjects recently

A calm and elegant appearance is not simply about physical appearance. It is important to go with knowledge, both internal and external!

4 main goals of training:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of safe practice in the Ballete classroom
  2. Practical practice of teaching Ballete class
  3. Develop Balletes’ ability to facilitate smooth and enjoyable learning for students at all levels.
  4. Deep understanding of the Balletes system, especially the movements and exercises used in the program.


The Balletes teacher training course is taught by Jordyn, a teacher with many years of experience teaching dance, through combining Ballet and Pilates and the benefits of these two methods into transforming exercises to develop training sessions. more new and attractive. Through the introduction of ballet posture, combined with the training of supple and endurance muscles, the movement becomes more beautiful, flexible and focuses on the stability and balance of the core muscles. The overall impact will help improve muscle endurance, the biggest benefit being that you have a beautiful, elegant body like a ballerina!

NoMad Om Factory’s famous Ballets class: This is a mat session that blends Pilates and Ballet, focusing on the basic movements of Ballet, combining Ballet music with Ballet movements, divided into movements Individually installed repeatedly to achieve the highest training efficiency!

This is a comprehensive, sophisticated training course full of knowledge and a methodical training environment to create a beautiful body and great strength, all the secrets of health, elegance and womanhood. The properties are all here.

This training course is perfect for Ballet, Yoga, Pilates and Dance teachers, as well as those who perform exercises related to these sports! The training program includes graceful and beautiful classical ballet + scientifically stable and deeply restorative Pilates.

Education program:

  1. Practice – Theme Demonstration Session (Ballet Tic Tac Toe Exercise)
  2. Motion analysis – a flexible and effective teaching technique.
  3. Practice gesture adjustments and exercises – including verbal and physical contact instructions.
  4. Connecting movement and curriculum development.
  5. Anatomy and principles of positions related to the body.
  6. Show off – discover your own teaching style.

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